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1-to-1 & 2-to-1 Personal Training Sessions

Personal Training Sessions at Angela Watson Wellness are all about providing absolute focus on the needs of the client. As a professional Personal Trainer, Angela is deeply trained and highly qualified. She delivers well-rounded, fully tailored Fitness packages built around your Fitness Goals and factors in Nutrition, Injury Prevention, & Rehabilitation when necessary. She grows your Program to include a variety of exercises and disciplines that are both creative and challenging.  

Scheduled Training Sessions are either 2-to-1 (2 people/1 session) or 1-to-1 (1 person/1 session) and generally last 1 hour. We gladly extend sessions per client request. Both scheduling options allow for 100% focused attention and instruction from Angela on proper form, progression of movements, & are a great opportunity to communicate Health-related questions or conditions. Personal Training Sessions are available to all ages and all levels of athletic ability!



Online Health & Wellness Coaching

Angela's collaboration and coaching are now available to you anytime  online! Angela provides Health & Wellness Coaching and delivers her Expert Fitness Training via the web. To further the commitment to make Fitness truly convenient, Angela can also now meet at your house or your place of business to get you sweating and moving in no time! Angela arrives with a Mobile Personal Training Solution fine tuned to your Fitness level and any health-related conditions. With this, you are taken through a wide range of exercises, movements, & the full body workout that you deserve!



Nutrition Consultations & Individual Diet Plans

Healthy Diet and Nutrition are vital components of long lasting Health & Wellness. Consultations initiate with a review of your completed Discovery Questionnaire and Food Diary and proceed by focusing on Client Goal Setting and Physical & Nutritional Analysis. Using this information, Angela creates a new, recommended diet and one more suited to meeting your specific dietary needs and your daily lifestyle. You walk away with a tailor-made Diet Plan and a newly discovered knowledge of exactly what should be eaten to heal, energize, & move your Body & Mind back to proper balance.



Personal Fitness Assessments

Personal Fitness Assessments are a great way to get a baseline of where you are today relative to your overall Health & Fitness. Whether you are a beginning exercise enthusiast or a seasoned athlete, assessments help set the tone for your future efforts and success.

During your assessment, Angela measures and records Heart Rate & Blood Pressure, Body Composition, Flexibility & Mobility, Muscular Strength & Endurance, & Cardiorespiratory Fitness. Angela reviews the assessment with you in detail and presents recommendations for your overall Health.  She also creates a Health & Wellness Program tailored to your assessment and collaborates with you to set specific, realistic, & achievable Personal Fitness Goals. With this information, you are ready to start your journey to Optimal Health & Wellness!



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