Angela Watson Wellness

Angela Watson Wellness is a Fitness, Health, & Wellness endeavor founded in San Francisco with current locations in the Financial District, Nob Hill, Soma, & the Mission. In addition to the four facilities in the city, founder Angela Watson provides on-site training options at your home or place of business and recently, started delivering Fitness Training content and her Expert guidance online and on demand!

Angela offers a wide variety of Wellness & Fitness options for her valued clientele including Personal & Small Group Training, Holistic Health Coaching, Yoga & Flexibility Workshops, Nutrition Consultation, Online Fitness Training, Wellness Retreats, & the list continues to grow...


"Let's make a plan to reach your Fitness goals and a plan that fits your schedule and your lifestyle. Come with any question, any suggestion, and we'll collaborate on creating the roadmap that works best for your needs and ultimately, takes you to your Optimal Health."  

-- Angela


Building a Healthy and Inspiring Wellness Community,